Expert Witness Specialties

Academic Discipline
Accounting, economics, finance, appraisal, valuation (18,190 profiles)
Business, enterprise and management disciplines other than above (3,683 profiles)
Criminal justice and immigration (6,081 profiles)
Engineering, architecture, planning and design (9,829 profiles)
Math and science (4,531 profiles)
Medical doctors (20,986 profiles)
Other medical and mental health (16,667 profiles)
Industry Expert
Accommodation and food services (75 profiles)
Agriculture (crops and animals), forestry, fishing and hunting (540 profiles)
Arts, entertainment and recreation (467 profiles)
Communications and data transfer (228 profiles)
Computer information, including internet and software (785 profiles)
Construction (1,307 profiles)
Consumer goods (82 profiles)
Educational services (424 profiles)
Energy and utilities (445 profiles)
Financial services (440 profiles)
Health care and social assistance (1,508 profiles)
Insurance (1,090 profiles)
Manufacturing and processing (284 profiles)
Other services (except public administration) (162 profiles)
Public administration (129 profiles)
Real estate (601 profiles)
Rental and leasing services (3 profiles)
Retail trade (85 profiles)
Safety and security (312 profiles)
Transportation, warehousing and storage (781 profiles)
Waste management and remediation services (24 profiles)
Forensic Service
Accident investigation and failure analysis, non-engineering related (2,757 profiles)
Claims Administrators (1 profiles)
Computer forensics -- data recovery and analysis (471 profiles)
Court reporters (70 profiles)
EEOC Investigators (79 profiles)
Fingerprints, handwriting, documents and other recordings analysis (983 profiles)
Jury selection and trial presentation consulting (243 profiles)
Laboratories (3,717 profiles)
Private investigators (386 profiles)
Process servers (44 profiles)
Translation services (82 profiles)