Litigation Knowledge Management:
Leverage the collective experience of your firm.

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How Does an Attorney...?

Find the best Expert Witness for a difficult case?

Select one Arbitrator from a list of 20 proposed choices?

Research an assigned Federal Magistrate Judge?

Refer a client to a family law Attorney in Alaska?

Typical Firm Solution:

Send a firm-wide email...
PTI: Does anybody know _________?

Courtroom Insight Solution:

Custom knowledge management platform that captures and integrates critical information about experts, arbitrators, judges and counsel...

Internal Sources:

  • Who has worked with whom
  • How did they perform
  • Internal documents
    (ocr, index, searchable)

Courtroom Insight provides:

  • Prepopulated content tailored for your firm
  • Professional biographies
  • Daubert challenge histories
  • Expert witness retention and testimonial histories
  • Integration with firm intranets

Immediate access to critical information and services provides significant value to clients, minimizes litigation risk for the firm and reduces research costs.

SaaS Solution
Courtroom Insight is a cloud-based solution that maintains strict physical, web and at rest security provisions consistent with international law firm requirements.

Integrated On-Premises Component
For clients that demand an on-premises option for their private data, Courtroom Insight offers an integrated system that maintains the cloud-based system functionality while satisfying client data hosting requirements.

Data Export
Large law firms increasingly incorporate experience databases directly into firm portals and enterprise search systems. At the client’s request, Courtroom Insight will export critical information about the firm’s retained experts, preferred arbitrators and relevant judges directly to the firm. The secure data feed includes mapped attorney experiences that allow full integration with the firm’s internal data/experience management system.

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