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Lawyer Directory

Courtroom Insight is the leading platform for sharing and analyzing information about legal professionals. We’ve expanded our comprehensive datasets to include critical insights about lawyers.

Directory Features:

  • Comprehensive Data: Access detailed educational backgrounds, work histories (including clerkships), admissions, subject matter expertise and self-reported diversity information.
  • Dynamic Updates: Data is dynamically updated on a regular basis through proprietary research and crowdsourcing.
  • Partner Integrations:: View integrated content from other leading resource providers (including LexisNexis, Docket Alarm, etc.) in one centralized platform.
  • Private Data: Match internal notes, reviews, and documents to lawyer profiles.
  • API Integrations: Seamlessly integrate our directory into your firm’s existing internal systems (including CRM, matter management, etc.)
  • SALI Compliance: De-duped data is mapped to jurisdictions and areas of law in compliance with Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry Alliance (“SALI”) standards.

Law Firms / Legal Organizations

Courtroom Insight’s attorney directory is only available to law firms and legal organizations. Clients benefit from firm-specific customizations of the directory classification system and our assistance with loading relevant profiles and biographies on clients’ behalf. Clients benefit from additional customizations:

  • Internal research and biographical information
  • Private performance reviews
  • List of confirmed relationships with each lawyer
  • Pinned internal documents

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