Individuals and entire organizations benefit from Courtroom Insight's unique content and service offerings. Attorneys and legal organizations rely upon Courtroom Insight to reduce costs, increase efficiency and minimize litigation risk. Experts, mediators and arbitrators leverage site profiles to market themselves directly to hiring attorneys and generate increased client work.

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Courtroom Insight is a secure, cloud-based platform that allows groups to share and research critical information about experts, mediators, arbitrators and judges. Our litigation knowledge management system incorporates the public directories and content available to others. In addition, it enables members of groups to privately share ratings and reviews about litigation service providers. Groups such as law firms, insurance companies and general counsel achieve significant benefits from using our system.

Private knowledge sharing helps attorneys:
  • Save time and money by eliminating duplicative research and reducing email requests for information
  • Decrease litigation risk by avoiding surprises in the courtroom
  • Improve performance by sharing best practices for appearing before specific judges and arbitrators

Our firm's attorneys needed a better way to manage information about the many arbitrators, mediators, and expert resources we use around the country. We considered building an internal database but realized that Courtroom Insight's ready-made solution was much more cost effective. Plus, it includes additional information about arbitrators, mediators and other professional resources not available elsewhere.
-- Scott Rechtschaffen, Chief Knowledge Officer

Courtroom Insight's knowledge management application is a natural fit for us. Their product allows us to leverage our firm's experience, which takes the guesswork out of hiring or opposing litigation professionals. The efficiencies we gain from this directly benefit our clients by maintaining budget certainty while continuing to deliver high-quality legal services.
-- Patrick DiDomenico, Chief Knowledge Officer

Insurance companies and general counsel may leverage the knowledge and experience of internal staff and outside counsel.

How It Works

Given the high cost of litigation, insurers are always interested in managing their legal spend. Courtroom Insight offers a unique way to reduce litigation risks and costs through collaborative information sharing. Insurance companies can greatly benefit by implementing this powerful online knowledge management system.
-- Cynthia Pevehouse, Business Executive with prior General Counsel
experience at Allianz of America and Fireman's Fund Insurance Co.

Courtroom Insight's private knowledge management platform may be enhanced with subscription options:

Public Reviews and Opinions
Access public ratings and reviews about experts, mediators, arbitrators and judges. Read thousands of published judicial quotes about specific experts.
Expert Witness Challenge Database
Evaluate over 110,000 records of expert witness challenges organized by expert and by judge.
Document Sharing
Share and organize relevant internal document links with colleagues.

Courtroom Insight provides the following additional services upon request:

Single Sign-On
Provide direct website access for firm users without requiring separate login.
Data Extraction
Search emails, documents, billings, contacts and/or calendar software to extract relevant information and map existing relationships.
Enterprise Search Integration
Push private reviews and other content onto the firm intranet to be available via existing enterprise search software.