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Courtroom Insight is committed to improving communications about and between litigation professionals. Our knowledge management platform significantly improves upon the archaic system of sending email requests for information. We seek to expand our unique content and services within the legal industry to become the premier destination for information about litigation service providers.


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Press FAQs

  • What is Courtroom Insight?
    Courtroom Insight is a litigation knowledge management system that enables law firms and other groups to organize and share their attorneys' experiences working with expert witnesses, mediators, arbitrators and judges. It equips attorneys with the entire firm's expertise when hiring (or opposing) experts or appearing before mediators, arbitrators and judges. This system enables attorneys to leverage the institutional knowledge of their organizations and the broader legal community to achieve the most successful outcomes for their clients while it simultaneously offers experts, mediators and arbitrators unparalleled marketing opportunities.

  • How does Courtroom Insight help attorneys? How does it help expert witnesses?
    Courtroom Insight makes searching for experts, consultants, mediators, arbitrators, and judges more efficient, reliable and cost effective.

    Attorneys and clients rely upon Courtroom Insight's proprietary Content to perform due diligence on potential hires, thereby avoiding expensive referral services and potentially unreliable word-of-mouth recommendations. Courtroom Insight not only helps attorneys assemble their ideal team of consultants, but also gives them insight about opposing experts, arbitrators and judges making them more prepared for ADR proceedings and/or trial.

    Law firms and general counsel leverage Courtroom Insight's expanded Group Subscription features to confidentially capture and share members' experiences.

    Expert witnesses, consultants, mediators and arbitrators use Courtroom Insight's professional Profiles to present their specific skills and experience to a broad selection of potential clients. Additionally, the Reviews of Courtroom Insight's individuals and listings of professional resources (including books, journals, and training services) help consultants stay current with the prominent people and issues in their profession.

  • Who can use Courtroom Insight?
    Anyone can use Courtroom Insight and we offer many free and paid Services.

    Simply Register for an Account online by providing basic contact information (such as name, address, and email address) and user type (Attorney, Judge, Expert Witness, Other). Registration is not required to search the Courtroom Insight directories, however, only registered users may write reviews.

  • Why does Courtroom Insight authenticate some of its users?
    In order to add credibility to reviews posted by Attorney and Judge users, Courtroom Insight authenticates these users. Attorney and Judge users are restricted from accessing the site until their identities are confirmed by the Courtroom Insight Team. As a result, site visitors can be confident that Reviews by these users, even if posted anonymously, are written by actual attorneys and judges.

  • How much does it cost to use Courtroom Insight?
    The basic Courtroom Insight service is free! Registered users may write Reviews and read reviews submitted within the past six months. Experts, consultants, mediators and arbitrators may also claim a profile that lists their basic contact information and specialty as a service provider.

    Premium profiles that enable litigation service providers to publish expanded profile information, including full CV posting or link, expanded contact information including website and email addresses, multiple areas of specialization, and more are available for only $99 per year.

    Law firms wishing to capture private evaluations and consolidate firm knowledge about experts, mediators, arbitrators and judges, may purchase a Group Subscription for an annual fee based on firm size. Sole practitioners or other individual users may purchase an Individual Subscription and gain access to all public Reviews and Opinions for only $399 per year. In addition, we offer subscriptions to the Challenge Data provided to us from the Daubert Tracker. Daily subscription options (24-hour access) also exist for individual subscriptions.

  • When was Courtroom Insight founded?
    Courtroom Insight was founded in January 2009.

  • Where is Courtroom Insight headquartered?
    Courtroom Insight is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

  • Who founded Courtroom Insight?
    Courtroom Insight was founded by experienced litigation consultants Mark Torchiana and Everett Harry after they were often surprised by the archaic system used to locate and evaluate expert witnesses. Mark and Everett assembled an impressive management team, including strategic and business advisers with deep industry experience whose collective skills and experience translates into a team that recognizes a market opportunity and is capable of developing and successfully selling a market solution. Visit the Company page for more information about the Courtroom Insight team.