Courtroom Insight is the only online directory featuring attorney and peer reviews of expert witnesses, mediators, arbitrators and judges. Directory profiles are enhanced by self-reported biographical information, submitted performance evaluations and relevant written judicial opinions about expert witness testimony. In addition, users may access critical information about published and unpublished legal challenges to expert testimony.

Challenge Data

When judges rule on challenges to expert witness testimony, they often offer useful quotes describing their rulings and the logic behind them. These quotes are equivalent to reviews about an expert's qualifications or methodology used for a particular case. Courtroom Insight assesses written judicial opinions and extracts relevant quotes about expert witness performance. These quotes are listed on the "Opinions" tab of expert witness profiles.

Sample Judicial Opinion:

I find that [her] report is self-contradictory, fails to mention important facts, contains important and unwarranted assumptions, is deliberately misleading, and therefore is completely unreliable. In other words, her opinions do not reliably flow from the facts known to her and the methodology used, and there is too great an analytical gap between those facts and [her] opinions... [Her] report and her conclusions are so unreliable that I find they are irrelevant and inadmissible at trial.
-- Judge William Ditter, Jr., Eastern District of Pennsylvania

These opinions are crucial to understanding how judges view the qualifications and testimony of expert witnesses for specific types of cases and analyses. This information is invaluable for attorneys seeking to defend or cross-examine an expert about a similar issue.

Opinions posted within the past six months are visible to all site visitors. However, users wishing to read older opinions must purchase an Individual Subscription.