Courtroom Insight is the only online directory featuring attorney and peer reviews of expert witnesses, mediators, arbitrators and judges. Directory profiles are enhanced by self-reported biographical information, submitted performance evaluations and relevant written judicial opinions about expert witness testimony. In addition, users may access critical information about published and unpublished legal challenges to expert testimony.

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Courtroom Insight's directories are organized by type of professional and provide helpful information about each individual. Professionals are encouraged to claim their profile and contribute information about their credentials and unique professional experience. Directories are organized by logical categories which make searching for specific individuals or types of expertise simple. Each directory is searchable by keyword (name, company, discipline, etc.), category of expertise or type of court, and location. Numerous search filters such as minimum rating or minimum number of reviews make it as easy as possible to locate the right person.

Profiles are logically grouped into four separate directories:

Expert Witness Directory

Mediator & Arbitrator Directory

Judge Directory

Professional Resource Directory

Experts, mediators and arbitrators can greatly benefit from publishing their photos, credentials and current contact information. Visit the Premium Profile page to learn more about the benefits of marketing directly to hiring attorneys on Courtroom Insight.

Expert Witness and Litigation Consultant Directory

Over 88,000 directory profiles include information about testifying expert witnesses and other forensic consultants. Each directory profile contains contact information and general area(s) of expertise for the individual. In addition, claimed profiles contain additional self-reported information about relevant professional credentials and testifying experience.

Courtroom Insight's logical and intuitive categories are organized as follows:

Academic Discipline: specialty achieved through focused academic studies; often requiring a specific educational degree or professional license. (Sample experts include: accountants, structural engineers and medical doctors.)

Industry Expert: general knowledge of a particular industry as a whole, including market comparisons/trends, industry standards and practices, etc.; expertise often achieved through professional experience rather than academic study. (Sample experts include: CEO of a financial institution, general manager of a construction company and commercial real estate agent.)

Forensic Service: individuals hired for fact gathering or trial preparation purposes. (Sample experts include: accident reconstruction specialist (non-engineering related), handwriting expert, jury consultant.)

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Mediator and Arbitrator Directory

Over 12,000 profiles include information about practicing mediators and arbitrators. Basic contact information and lists of provided services and specializations are supplemented by self-reported statistics regarding experience as a neutral and other legal industry experience.

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Judge Directory

From local state jurisdictions to the Supreme Court of the United States, Courtroom Insight's judge directory contains information about most judges throughout the United States. The directory is segregated between Federal Court, State Court and Administrative Law Judges.

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Professional Resources Directory

Professional resources include books, articles, conferences and other materials upon which experts, mediators and arbitrators rely for professional development. The resource directory offers legal service providers with the opportunity to rate these resources on their relevance to forensic services, uniqueness and cost to value ratio.

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