Courtroom Insight is the only online directory featuring attorney and peer reviews of expert witnesses, mediators, arbitrators and judges. Directory profiles are enhanced by self-reported biographical information, submitted performance evaluations and relevant written judicial opinions about expert witness testimony. In addition, users may access critical information about published and unpublished legal challenges to expert testimony.

Challenge Data

Through an innovative partnership with the Daubert Tracker, Courtroom Insight offers the most comprehensive historical database of Daubert, Frye and other challenges to expert witness testimony. The challenge database contains over 110,000 published and unpublished challenges or criticisms to an expert's methodology or qualifications collected from both federal and state jurisdictions. The data is organized and searchable by expert witness and by judge. In addition, custom search tools will soon be available to analyze this important dataset.

Courtroom Insight is the only platform that matches expert witness challenge data to both expert and judge profiles.

Expert Witness Challenge History

It's never been easier to review legal challenges to an expert's testimony. Each challenge record contains critical information such as the nature of the challenge, the outcome, area of law and case citation. The "Challenge" tab on expert witness profiles offers summary and specific case information for all challenges pertaining to a specific expert.

Sample Expert Challenges

Judge Challenge History

A judge's history of ruling on expert witness challenges is critical for attorneys preparing to submit or rebut a challenge in a particular courtroom. For this reason, challenge data is also organized and summarized on the “Challenge” tab for each judge in the Courtroom Insight directory.

Sample Judge Challenges

Challenge data is only available via an Individual Subscription or Group Subscription.